Making Magic.

Cooking as a couple you create magic. Tonight dinner fried porkchop with grilled onions, white rice and corn chillaquiles. Sounds appetizing doesn’t it? Well let me tell you it was amazing. Especially when you and your better half, your best friend , your soul mate shares the love of food with you you’ll create an unbelievable experience. It’s one way of having an intimate moment. My kitchen is small always bumping into each other but always gives me a chance of touching my hubby. Buahahaha!!!! Plus he’s my photographer for the meals we create. It’s gotta be magic. I’m not an executive chef or even went to culinary school. But i do love to cook at home.

Café De La Ghetto Introduction…

Hello! Everyone,

Let me introduce you to my blog. The love i have for food and coffee , Why not share it with you all.

It can be from the hot meals i cooked to the pot of coffee i had down at the local coffee shop. From stories from my family to yours. Café De La Ghetto came from a silly night cooking in my kitchen, Remind you my kitchen theme is coffee. The aroma of spices i put in the meals i make. You can smell the love i put in. The Mmmm,mmm!! Sounds you hear coming from their faces. Family discussions to watching tv while stuffing your face.